Saturday, January 26, 2008

Master bedroom painted

master bedroom painted, originally uploaded by Sweetland Retreat.

We have painted the Master Bedroom in two tones of yellow/gold. It looks amazing in the morning light and with the newly sanded floor. We're still in progress on the floor but it's looking beautiful...

This is a before (gray paint) and during (top sanded portion) shot of the original wood floor. We didn't think it would be so pretty but it certainly is! Now we need to decide on a finish! Any ideas???


ara133photography said...

Oh I love your wall color!!! We have that color in our living room :) I like the wood floors a LOT, favorite flooring. I don't know what to suggest for finish though!! My parents have a wooden floors that they just varnished (or whatever that clear protective layer is) so they look pretty & natural, but are a little protected from dogs' nails :)

Sweetland Retreat said...

We did some tests on the floor and decided to go with a Cabot stain called "Early American" and then do a clear semi-gloss polyurethane on top of it. The stain color is an orangish-brown so it'll match the beams pretty well. We'll have photos of it soon!!