Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hooray for helpers!!!

Our sister, Justina, came up from NY to stay at her camp just a few minutes away. She's so excited to get us moving along that she volunteered to work yesterday! She finished taking down the wallpaper in what has been dubbed her 'pink room'. This is a difficult task and one that we have come to dread so we are SOOOOO happy to have her come and help us!

She brought along her Husky, Brody, who wanted to get in on the action between playing games of Shark with Sammy. Justina also painted a desk that we bought at auction this past weekend-- It looks fabulous and now matches the dresser that she gave us! Things are coming together!!!!!

Now our only question is for our sister JoAnn--- when are you coming up to peel wallpaper????

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