Monday, April 20, 2009

Maple Syrup Sunday

March 22nd was a nice crisp end of Winter day for Maple Syrup Sunday!  Each year, we're visiting a different local producer of pure maple syrup-- this year we took a tour of Sugar Brook Maple Farm in Mt Vernon.

I thoroughly enjoyed the vanilla ice cream with hot maple syrup and Joy & Brian had some baked beans with hot dogs and maple syrup.  Yum! 

We were completely amazed at all the hard work and dedication that it takes to produce maple syrup and run a syrup business.  Especially in a year like this when the weather was teasing us, it's hard to rely on Mother Nature.  You can never count on how much syrup you'll get but when you do get sweet it is!

Mt. Vernon: From West Mt. Vernon Chimney Route 41. Approximately 3 miles from the West Mt Chimney right on Blake Hill Road 3/10 of a mile on the left
Phone: 207-293-2831


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