Saturday, January 30, 2010

Knock your socks off amazing workshop!

Beginner's PMC- Precious Metal Clay
Saturday, February 6th, 10am - 4pm

PMC Beginner's WorkshopHave you ever wanted to try PMC? And what is PMC anyway? PMC (Precious Metal Clay) is a wonderful material which has revolutionized the world of jewelry making. It is a clay consisting of microscopic silver particles suspended in an organic binder. PMC can be worked much like any modeling clay. It is then fired at a high temperature, burning away the binder and leaving a pure silver piece. With very few tools and a bit of imagination, anyone can make beautiful jewelry with PMC.
PMC earrings
In Introduction to PMC you will learn about the different types of PMC as well as all about the tools needed to work with it and firing and finishing options. We will learn about using textures and you will learn to make your own rubber stamp to use with PMC. You will come away at the end of the class with a necklace and earrings that you made & designed yourself, as well as the knowledge and skills to continue working with PMC on your own.

PMC workshopIf you have been intrigued by PMC and have wanted to try it or if you want to learn to make beautiful silver jewelry, then this is the class for you! In the class you will receive a materials packet which contains some basic tools and materials, including PMC and findings to complete your necklace and earrings, and handouts with all the information you will need to work with PMC, including projects you can do at home. A tools kit specially assembled by the instructor with her favorite tools will be available for use in class and can be purchased at the end of class for those who wish to continue working with PMC at home.
PMC supplies provided
What to bring: Everything you need for working with PMC will be provided and you need bring nothing but your imagination. However, if you have worked with PMC before and have some favorite tools, do feel free to bring them. If you use magnifying or reading glasses for small work, you should bring those. If you have any favorite rubber stamps or interesting textures you would like to work with (lace, leaves, buttons), feel free to bring those as well.

$130, supplies included (see above), bring a bag lunch

Instructor: Lisa Salsbury, Ellsworth, ME
"I don’t create specifically to express myself. It is the act of working with the beads, metal and clay, sometimes more than the finished product, which drives me. I enjoy it more than nearly any kind of activity and it can relax and energize me in a way nothing else can. There is (almost) nothing more exciting to me than starting on a new project or trying a new technique. I do not usually design my pieces ahead of time, but let the beads or metal design for me. I feel I work best when I go into a project without any preconceived notions of what I would like a piece to be."
Lisa received her PMC Certification in March of 2009. See more of her work at

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ArtSnark said...

Wish I were closer!

Jessica Torrant said...

This looks like so much fun! I wish I could take this class, the example pendant is gorgeous!

Sweetland Retreat said...

It's an amazing class!! She's coming back to teach it-- we love having her here. Such beautiful jewelry is made each time!

She has more available in her Etsy shop and can also custom make a piece if you'd like: