Thursday, December 23, 2010

Recipe Tutorial: Super Simple Pimiento Cheese Dip/Spread

Let's chat a second about cheese. It is a delicious creation which, I can only assume, was sent down straight from the heavens. Add in some pimientos and now we're talking about a delight sent down from a heaven full of rock stars. You know, the ones that you wish you could party with. Well, that's how I felt the first time I had pimiento cheese.

I was living in the sunny south in Charleston, South Carolina. I remember going to a little cafe in some small town in the "upstate" and seeing grilled pimento cheese sandwich on the menu. Well, now they had my attention. I ordered it wondering what it would be like and when it arrived I realized that I had made one of the best discoveries of my lifetime. Classically served between two slices of white bread, grilled to perfection, and a sweet tea on the side: Rock Star Heaven.

So I began asking local friends for recipes and did some of my own tweaking and came up with this super simple recipe that anyone can make. Have at it! Try it on a sandwich, with crackers, pretzels, or on top of a burger. And I'll tell ya, this recipe is highly adored by my favorite blogger at 145 Crazy Road!

2 cups of shredded Sharp Cheddar
4oz jar of Sliced Pimientos
1/4 cup Mayonnaise
Salt & Pepper to taste

Small Food Processor

Let's talk EASY recipe: Put all of the ingredients into the food process (include the liquid from the pimiento jar) and whip it up until the ingredients are all blended together well. Place in the refrigerator overnight and it will thicken up when it sets.

And there you are! An easy and delicious item that can be used for lunch sandwiches, potluck dip, burger toppings, and so much more. Some other variations include adding garlic, pickles, and other ingredients. I find that this recipe is super simple and always a huge hit! Enjoy!

About the author: Joy Ribisi is part-owner of Sweetland Retreat. Having traded in her sunny summer-all-the-time-beach-cruiser-flip-flopping-Southern-living ways for the quiet farm life of New-England-log-splitting-snow-shoveling-earth-digging-lake-swimming life in Central Maine, some things never change. Like enjoying comfort foods.


mainemadness said...

Mmmmm, awesome recipe! And with the right mayo can be gluten free! I think I'm in heaven! Thank you for sharing your recipe with us.

Sweetland Retreat said...

Glad that you like it, Casie! Let us know how the gluten free version comes out!

funnycrazylove said...

First let me say, your nails are beautiful. And so is your picture. And so is this BLOG!! BTW~this pimiento cheese dip just might be one of my top ten favorite foods of ALL TIME. And I am not exaggerating. LoveLoveLove.

Sweetland Retreat said...

Ha! Thanks- that's the second nail compliment I've gotten this week! So funny.
Glad that you love the recipe - you get to eat this batch shown here tomorrow for the Christmas Eve party! YAY! said...

Yummy! I can't wait to try this easy & tasty dip!
Bring it on!....Lisa ;)

ps. You nails are fab.!

Sweetland Retreat said...

Thanks, Lisa!!! :)
Let me know how your dip turns out. It's so tasty! Try it as a grilled sandwich, too. So decadent!